The technology behind knitting has progressed quite dramatically. Gone are the days when we had to huff and puff with our legs and hands to stitch clothes. Many countries are behind the robust growth of technology and there are reasons to believe that China flat knitting machine could be a great way forward for those who are looking for the best of technologies. In this article, we will be talking about Wknits who are counted as one of the best single system machine manufacturer. There are obviously a number of advantages as far as this type of knitting machines are concerned. It would be a good idea to try and have a look at the same for the benefits of our readers.

They Come In Different Models

When you spend time and choose the right textile fabric knitting machine from the likes of Wknits, you will certainly have a number of benefits and advantages. To begin with, they have different models. Further you have different gage sizes ranging from 7g to 18g. The last one of 18G is optional. You also have the liberty of choosing different sizes of needles ranging from 52 inches to 36 inches or from 72 inches to 80 inches. These knitting machines are suitable for many functions and designs. They could range from full needles, jacquard, irregular, double jersey, cables, pointel fabric and intarsia. Further they are also suitable for sweaters, knitwears, and collars.

The Best Of Knitting System

One more reason why it makes sense to buy these machines is because they come with a unique single carriage and single system. The best of digital technology is also used. The knitting speed is also quite rapid of 1.6M/S, 32 speeds. The speed sections are perfectly controlled by servo motors. You also can expect the best of stitch density ranging from 64 density selection range. The range could vary from 0-650 and is fully controlled by stepping motor, and it also features the best of fine adjust technology.Best-Single-System-Computerized-Flat-Knitting-Machine-China-Manufacture-Wknits-Machine

You Get The Most Dynamic Stitches

Further you have the best of dynamic stitch technology at play. They could help in achieving a variety of stitches in one course. On the other hand variety density is also possible. All these put together could improve knitting efficiency and the variety that the customers will be able to get will also be impressive. You also will get an adjustable sinker with stepping motor control to achiever the multiple widening and shaping functions.

The Best Of Safety Features

It comes with full machine cover to reduce dust and noise. Further you also have power off device, urgent button, cover sensor and also indicators that will totally take care of safety at all points of time. You also have auto stop facility when there is a case of yarn breaking, yarn joint getting stuck, fabric rolling inside, needle hits, overloads and other such problems. It also takes care of program error.

It works on computer system that is complete with touch screen, graphical interface, LCD motor, net and USB input, and so on. You also have 1 GB RAM for big file storage and much more.

The Final Word

When all the above are taken into account, there are reasons to believe that Wknits is certainly a good and decisive buy.